Sample: Styling for Print


Note (11 November 2015): this sample has been unpublished due to a change in approach by 5DOC for producing content with code syntax highlighting. Previously, 5DOC used a WordPress plugin and abstracted the relevant code for the 5DOC downloaded version.

Over time it has become obvious that in fact each sample has a different approach to code syntax highlighting and the goal should be flexibility not consistency. All links below initially to the 5DOC sample, now link to the original content.

styling for print

Styling for Print from the WordPress Codex is 5DOC.ORG’s first HTML5 sample for download.

5DOC.ORG samples demonstrate the core belief that in the future off-line documents will be generated from an online content management system.

Only minor changes were required from the original web page and underlying CSS files. All 5DOC.ORG downloads are generated on the file and contain a timestamp.

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