Sample: Bridging the Web and Digital Publishing


Click to go to the sample
Click to go to the sample

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While it looks completely different than our EPUB+WEB specification sample, the first part of the series, it is still a 5DOC because the only technical requirement to be a 5DOC is a button to download the file. That and it has to be an HTML5 document of course.

In this way, a 5DOC takes after PDF – it represents a single abstraction. While PDF is a takeaway of the printed page, 5DOC is a takeaway of a web page or pages. Plus a 5DOC is also capable of delivering identifiable structured content.

Of course, it is highly desireable for the EPUB+WEB spec to deliver many more features as described in this and the previous sample, but why create unnecessary barriers and technical deconstructs when in reality it’s the download button and that’s it?


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