Sample: Looking Below the Surface


This post is part of the series – 2015_08_samples. Other posts:
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  2. Sample: Advancing Portable Documents for the Open Web Platform: Epub+Web
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  5. Sample: Looking Below the Surface (Current)

Click to go to the sample
Click to go to the sample

The last sample – Part IV of the 5DOC series of new offline prototype documents – is the same document as the first sample in native format, but with quasi-offline content supplemented with downloaded data. The content of the other version in Part I was taken from the source of the web page, and this version contains material that is download when the offline page is loaded in a browser.

Don’t take my word for it! Download and load it into a browser tab with a live internet connection and into another tab with the connection off.

OK, so it’s not 100% offline, but it offers an innovative new option. The 5DOC now becomes a living document that is referenced as a file instead of a bookmark or a multistep search and navigate process to find the updated version of a given document.

Open the file in a browser and enjoy an updated version.


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